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GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP was founded in 1978 in Taiwan. GEE HOO specializes in design, production and distribution of high-quality fitness equipment around world. In its 40 years of business, GEE HOO's products include treadmills, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers, and weight training machine, providing wellness solutions for physio needs, senior, and rehabilitation.


Body Charger is a brand of GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP. Body Charger Fitness re-defined the exercise, not only for people who can do workout in the gym or fitness club but inspired the individuals in elder exercise, physical therapy or cardiac rehabilitation. Response to new technologies development, Body Charger Fitness equipment is compatible with intelligent i-Care Healthy Technology that is also owned by GEE HOO. i-Care is the whole new training method that gives users confidence in their training, helping them drive for the best health improvement in a specific workout. Health Check-Up and Suitable Workout that have been integrated into personalized programs in a safe, fast and convenient manner. The mission of Body Charger is to create the fitness equipment for people of all ages to get moving, stay active and fulfill their life quality.

- Active - Aging - Wellness

Company: Gee Hoo Industrial Corp. 吉赫實業有限公司 Type: Manufacturer ( Global )
Area: Taiwan/Changhua County Size: 101-500People
Capital: 5000000 ten thousand USD Year of registration: 1979
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Mode: Global
Sports & Leisure / Aerobic Exercise Equipment / Exercise bikes Sports & Leisure / Aerobic Exercise Equipment / Treadmills Sports & Leisure / Aerobic Exercise Equipment / Steppers / Stair Machines
Sports & Leisure / Aerobic Exercise Equipment / Elliptical trainers Sports & Leisure / Aerobic Exercise Equipment / Recumbent bikes Medical & Health / Physical treatment and Health care / Physiotherapy Products
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